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 The Ship Pub - November 25th

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Heart To Heart

Let Me Fish off Cape St. Mary's

If Ever You Were Mine

In My Life

Canon in D

The Wedding Gift

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

What Child is This? / Greensleeves

Home and the Heartland

Can't Help Falling in Love

Sweet Forget Me Not / Now I'm 64

Rubber Boots

I'se the B'y / Auntie Mary


Our Bio

: Colette Phillips

The Celtic Fiddlers are a group of approximately 12 young people ranging in age from 16 to 29 years whose main goal is to keep Newfoundland and Irish music alive in the youth of our province.

They were formed in 1993 under the direction of the very dedicated Korona Brophy, and have been touted as true Newfoundland ambassadors of traditional music by the Department of Tourism.

The Celtic Fiddlers are a performing group in which its members play instruments including the bodhran, keyboard, guitar, bass, Irish tin whistle, bouzouki, cajon, accordion and mandolin. Through weekly rehearsals, they enjoy learning new pieces of music, especially the songs and jigs and reels of their Irish ancestors.

"From the very young age of six, I have been playing fiddle under the direction of Korona Brophy. In September of 2013, I took my passion for traditional Newfoundland music to the next level as I joined the Celtic Fiddlers. Ever since the beginning of my music career, I dreamed of this accomplishment and couldn't wait to be a part of such an excellent group. As an extremely shy individual, my music has allowed me to slowly come out of my shell after many years on stage and meeting new people and musicians constantly. Without this group, I would not have been able to break this barrier that had been restricting me from numerous opportunities. With the group, I've been able to participate in many community service activities such as playing in seniors homes, festivals, and many more. From numerous tours around the Province of Newfoundland, a tour of Ireland and a tour of New York, the Celtic Fiddlers have also enabled me to pursue my travelling goals while continuing to do what I love."

Tiana Parker

"Congrats to Korona Brophy and The Celtic Fiddlers on this recognition. They are so very deserving. I first met Korona in 2008 when my son Anthony Chafe joined the Celtic Fiddlers. He was the newest member of the group and she and the entire group welcomed him so warmly. Korona has the drive, passion and determination to keep our Irish Music alive and flourishing in our youth. She has opened the group to trips to Ireland and New York and around our beautiful province. Korona has guided and moulded so many young musicians to be where they are today–my son being one of them!"

Susan Chafe
Goulds, NL

Our Timeline


The Celtic Fiddlers celebrate their 25th anniversary.

They release thier sixth album, Ready For The Storm, with in Portugal where they began their cd launch.


The Fiddlers travelled to Ireland for their fifth tour. They were invited to festivals in Dublin, Galway, Tralee, Ennis, New Ross and Waterford, and performed for audiences worldwide.


The Celtic Fiddlers toured Grates Cove and The Gathering with Shaun Majumder. These were fantastic performances and well received by local and tourists from all over the world.


The Celtic Fiddlers toured New York through invitations from the Canadian Consulate, Ellis Island, Irish Christian Brothers and CanadaNYC as part of the Canada Day festivities.


The Celtic Fiddlers release their fifth album, Tides & Times.


The Celtic Fiddlers release their fourth album, The Salt In Our Eyes.


The Celtic Fiddlers were awarded the Instrumental Artist of the Year for MusicNL.


The Celtic Fiddlers release their third album, A Time For Christmas.


The Celtic Fiddlers release their second album, Salt Of The Earth.


The Celtic Fiddlers release their first album, Passage.


The Celtic Fiddlers were formed under the direction of Korona Brophy.

Latest Album

Ready For The Storm

Ready For The Storm

Release Year: 2019 Total Songs: 8 1. Loneseome Boatman
2. Caledonia
3. Sailor’s Wife
4. Ready For The Storm
5. Last Great Love Song
6. Maid On The Shore
7. Hard Times
8. Rakes Of Kildare Set


Salt Of The Earth
A Time For Christmas
The Salt In Our Eyes
Album One

Band Members

Korona Brophy

Korona Brophy

Erin O'Brien

Erin O'Brien

Tiana Parker

Tiana Parker

Jaime Moran

Jaime Moran

Kaitlyn Burke

Kaitlyn Burke

Riley LeDrew

Riley LeDrew


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